Basic Skills For Every Parent
by ad0jake
<p>Some people truly believe that parenting skills come naturally and instinctively to people. This is probably true to some degree but the world we live in is complex and complicated and forces us sometimes to learn new skills and the same is true for parenting. What comes most naturally to us might be appropriate, but sometimes we're just repeating mistakes our own parents made. You should look at your own parenting style as honestly as you can to see if there are areas in which you can improve.<br /><br />Setting a good example for your kids is the most important thing you will ever do as a parent. It's harder to lead by example than it is to simply tell your kids how to be but they needs examples more than orders. It is easier for kids to learn through observing others than it is for them to learn simply by being told things so it's very important that you always match your words and your actions.<br /><br />When you're a parent you are naturally going to be your child's first role model so if you set a good example, you have a better chance of having your child actually live up to your standards. Parents who simply tell their kids not to do something, like using profanity, but then are always doing that thing themselves will find that it is the actions and not the words that the kids heed. One particular skill that you and your kids would do well to learn is time management. If you have problems with time management your kids probably will too. Kids, and adults as well very often, frequently feel frustrated that they don't have enough time to complete tasks, whether it's their homework or their favorite computer game. It's a good idea to instill at least a basic understanding of time management as early in your child's life as you can. Of course, as the parent, you have a lot to say about their schedule, so the first step is to learn how to manage time effectively yourself.<br /><br />Lots of parents have problems when it comes to saying no to things their children want. Being able to say "no" in way that's firm but not unkind is a skill that you need for your own well being, as well as that of your child. It is important that you actually tell your kids why not giving them whatever they want is best for them. If they want to eat too much ice cream, for example, tell them that they can't because they'll get sick later (not to mention that regularly eating too much ice cream can lead to being overweight). Even if your son or daughter doesn't seem to understand your explanation (or care about it) it is still sinking in so it is worth repeating. In such cases, you have to be as patient and persistent about saying no as the child is in asking over and over. There are so many parenting skills that will make your life easier and help you teach your kids important life lessons at the same time. Obviously you will need to find a way to apply these skills that is appropriate for your child's age and personality. You and your kids are only human and mistakes are going to be made but we all have the capacity to learn and use our mistakes to become better people.</p> <p>Written by Jake, Also checkout these <a href="">Bible games for kids</a> and <a href="">christian games for kids</a>.</p>
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