science or god ???
by realwarrior
08.20.11 - 03:02 am
i see you all here have a certin person always plugging in on insecurity and infurity. this is the root of all evil. unsaved you are always attacking the believers on here.i too was once a little like you.i would fuss with any believer because god was such a joke to unsaved i will get to the point.if you look in the bible. yes the same bible the same god that made you and i wrote that is so confusing to unbeleivers like you are now. and i used to be.our god wrote this bible not for it to be read like a comic book.but like a love story that changes every time you read it.yes thats correct changes every time you read in moses day they wanted a graven samuels day they wanted a king like other nations.(see exodus 32,1 samuel 8.)over and over gods people were tempted by insecurity and inferiority.they wanted to be like others,butnot completely abandon god so they incorporated
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