Disaster relief information for Leeds-area residents
FEMA: 800-621-3362<br /><br />Red Cross shelters are located at the 1st United Methodist Church, 6471 U.S. 11, Springville or Boutwell Auditorium.<br /><br />Federal Assistance 800-621-3362 (7am-10pm) or <a href="http://www.disasterassistance.gov">www.disasterassistance.gov</a><br /><br />Habitat for Humanity – 205-951-1234<br /><br />Power Problems – 800-888-2726<br /><br />Gas Problems – 800-292-4008<br /><br />Food Assistance – 205-328-2420<br /><br />If you are elderly or disabled and in need of assistance, call Leeds City Hall at 699-2585 to be put in contact with assistance.<br /><br />The city of Leeds will be picking up trees and limbs that are cut into manageable pieces within 10 feet of the road that are not blocked by power lines or other obstructions. <br /><br />City workers cannot come onto private property by law to clear debris.<br /><br />
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