Mobile coolers for storage
We currently have 12 ft. Mobile Coolers available for emergency backup<br /><br />storage. Several of the Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama Sonic<br /><br />Drive-Ins and schools systems have rented these units while they are<br /><br />without power. The Mobile Coolers can be operated via their onboard<br /><br />self-contained gasoline-powered generators (or available electricity with a shoreline connection.<br /><br />If you have any local businesses or commercial kitchens that are needing backup refrigerated storage, please contact us with any requests. We look forward to serving your community. We are offering special discount rates for charitable organizations that are assisting with community outreach programs, i.e. Red Cross and Church Disaster Programs, etc.<br /><br />Thank you,<br /><br />Dennis F. Pritchett<br /><br />The Mobile Cooler Company, Inc.<br /><br />Dennis F. Pritchett 615-202-6584<br /><br />2553 Murfreesboro Highway<br /><br />Manchester, TN 37355<br /><br />Office: 931-723-8299 Fax: 931-723-0890
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