Law Offices of Massey, Stotser & Nichols taking donations
Tornado Victims<br /><br />The Law Offices of Massey, Stotser & Nichols, PC. Trussville and Leeds will be a drop-off location for anyone wishing to make donations of needed items for the victims of the devastating storms and tornados that swept through Alabama recently. We will organize the donations and get them to the people who need them. <br /><br /> <br /><br />The following is a list of items needed urgently:<br /><br /> <br /><br />• Blankets <br /><br />• Clothing - all sizes, t-shirts, jeans, Shorts <br /><br />• Children's clothing <br /><br />• Feminine products <br /><br />• Diapers <br /><br />• Baby food <br /><br />• Toys for smaller kids <br /><br />• Band-Aids <br /><br />• Socks <br /><br />• Jackets <br /><br />• Bottled water <br /><br />• Chips <br /><br />• Juice (individual) <br /><br />• Packaged food for distribution <br /><br />• Fruit cups <br /><br />• Paper towels <br /><br />• Kleenex <br /><br />• Toilet paper<br /><br />Please make sure all donations of food are non-perishable items.<br /><br />Follow us on facebook for more information. Directions are available on our website:<br /><br /> <br /><br />Trussville Leeds<br /><br />1780 Gadsden Hwy 8020 Parkway Dr.<br /><br /> Birmingham, AL 35235 Leeds, AL 35094<br /><br />
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