Homebuilders and remodelers must have state license
MONTGOMERY – The Home Builders Licensure Board publishes the official list of 2011 licensed residential homebuilders for the state at its website, www.hblb.alabama.gov and urges tornado victims to check the list before doing business with a homebuilder or remodeler. The Board’s website contains a wealth of information to help protect Alabama’s consumers from dishonest and unqualified contractors.<br /><br />The Board cautions homeowners who have experienced damage as a result of recent tornados, and emphasizes the importance of the consumer knowing about the potential problems of contracting for homebuilding and remodeling with unlicensed contractors. The state homebuilders and remodelers license is required when the cost of the job is more than $10,000. However, consumers are encouraged to seek out licensees of the Board even if the scope of the work is less than $10,000.<br /><br />The Board outlined steps consumers should take when working with a builder:<br /><br />• Ask to see the card. (Credit card sized license not to be confused with state and local business licenses.)<br /><br />• Ask for, and check refrences.<br /><br />• Make sure quotes and contracts are in writing. (It is required by law.)<br /><br />• Contact your local Home Builders Association. (Ask for a list of members.)<br /><br />• Ask for proof of insurance. (Workers compensation and general liability)<br /><br />• Don’t get in a hurry! (If your home is severely damaged, carefully make informed decisions.)<br /><br />For information, contact J.R. “Chip” Carden, executive director, Home Builders Licensure Board, 445 Herron St., Montgomery, Ala. 36104, 334-242-2230 or 1-800-304-0853, or visit www.hblb.alabama.gov.<br /><br />
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