Margaret facing water shortage
ST. CLAIR COUNTY — The water supply in the city of Margaret is reaching a critical level, and city officials anticipate outages if water consumption continues at the present rate.<br /><br />“The water supply has reached a level that may soon affect our ability to provide service to all homes,” said Mayor Jeff Wilson. “At the present rate, we will likely experience water outages to many areas of the town and surrounding areas in which we supply water.”<br /><br />Margaret receives its water from the Odenville Utilities Board, which suffered damage during the first big storm Wednesday. <br /><br />“This problem is a result of continued power outages, water pumps continuing to be off line from the storms, and debris continuing to cause problems with the water supply system,” Wilson said. “Although Margaret and Odenville were nowhere near as affected by damage as some of our neighbors, the situation with water supply as a result of the storm is now an emergency.”<br /><br />County commission chairman Stan Batemon said he knew of four communities with low water levels, all of whom buy water from Odenville.<br /><br />“Odenville is kind of the backbone of our county water system,” he said. “Odenville sells water to Margaret, Cook Springs, a little bit of Moody, Northwest — anybody involved in that has to do with the Odenville system. Those communities are getting low and they’re just warning everybody.”<br /><br />Batemon said the county and Rep. Jim McClendon are working with other systems such as Trussville to help supply those systems in need. In the meantime, Margaret officials are urging citizens to be diligent.<br /><br />“Two key things that we must remember are that we have to have water to drink and to extinguish fires,” he said. “Please understand that this situation is critical and we all must work together to get through this emergency as one community.”<br /><br />— Will Heath<br /><br />
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