11 Checks to Avoid Getting Scammed
These are simple, effective steps that a person can take to avoid being ripped off from an illegitimate contractor. <br /><br />Applying some quick research with the Better Business Bureau and trusting your instincts can help save some problems. Also, try these 11 points to avoid getting scammed.<br /><br />• Take your time in choosing true professionals to repair your home.<br /><br />• Get estimates from several licensed, bonded contractors.<br /><br />• Check their credentials with your local Better Business Bureau or Home Builders Association. <br /><br />• Ask your neighbors what they’re paying for similar work.<br /><br />• Inspect contractors’ licenses and proof of liability insurance.<br /><br />• Get a contract in writing.<br /><br />• Avoid paying money up-front. Some reputable contractors will require partial, up-front payment, but these pre-work payments shouldn’t exceed the costs of materials or 20 percent of the total estimate.<br /><br />• Follow local building codes and inspection procedures.<br /><br />• If anyone performs work on your house or property without your permission, don’t pay them, and contact your local authorities. <br /><br />• Avoid signing over an insurance settlement check to a contractor.<br /><br />• Immediately report any suspicious behavior to your local police, sheriff’s department and Allstate agent. <br /><br />For more information on insurance topics, post-storm home recovery, or other safety topics, contact your local Allstate agent.<br /><br />
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