Gordon weighs in on 2-car drafting at ‘Dega
by Wesley Sinor
TALLADEGA — In preparation for today’s Aaron’s 499, pole winner Jeff Gordon has a lot to consider, but nothing more than two-car drafting.

The highly-discussed new style of racing has been the hot topic at Talladega Superspeedway following Daytona, and Gordon put in his two cents Friday.

“We saw a little bit of it the last time we were here, but you are going to see it to the extreme now based on what we saw in Daytona,” Gordon said. “Talladega just has so much more room to race on and to draft on and to do these two-car drafts. I think it’s going to be fun. I’m excited, but I know everybody has mixed emotions on the two-car draft, but at a track like here at Talladega I think with everybody doing the two-car draft it ought to make it pretty exciting.”

Gordon turned in a lap of 53.723 to win the Coors Light Pole Award Saturday. It is his first pole and third top-10 start in 2011. Gordon and his Hendrick Motorsports teammates (Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin, Dale Earnhardt Jr.) swept the top four spots.

Gordon said his Twitter followers have been asking him over and over whether he likes the new style two-car tandem, and his response has been that he does. However, he pointed out the drivers don’t make the decisions, and it’s all for the fans.

“We don’t come here to Talladega in these big drafts because we want to, it’s because that’s the rules and it puts on a great show,” Gordon said. “It’s a white-knuckle experience for us and we make the most of it. Try to make the cars as safe as possible. Try to make the competition as equal as possible, and that’s what NASCAR is trying to do. Then we try to do the best we can to get to the end of the race and survive and hopefully win.”

Two car tandems pose a lot of dangers to drivers.

“I think there are moments where you are scared,” Gordon said. “You are literally 200 miles per hour blind, blind,” Gordon said. “I might as well just close my eyes.”

But despite all the criticism drafting has taken, Gordon pointed out that fans and reporters just don’t know what it’s like.

“Sometimes you will just have to be super aggressive,” Gordon said. “That’s why I don’t mind the two-car draft. I’m telling you it’s intense. It’s something I just don’t think that we can really get across to people on the outside because I think if they knew what was going on inside there, I think they would approach these races, or from a fan standpoint look at theses races in a totally different light.”

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