why I posted this story
by brother_Charles
04.07.11 - 09:10 pm
<p>The story is not about any one invidual, as it applies to a great number of youth in our state and country. I advocate meaningful disciplined because it works, and is endorsed in the scriptures.</p> <p>I deal with adults and children who have become addicts etc., because no one put a stop to their conduct when they were growing up in their family home. All of the pills, facilities, and such, would not be needed if mom and dad did the job God ordained them to do as parents and guardians.</p> <p>If you follow after the politically correct rules and teachings of our day, you may as well GET READY for what your children are likely to become in a few short years.</p> <p>God bless you &amp; yours...</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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