Hell on Earth
by bamamama
04.05.11 - 09:39 am
<p>Dear Bro. Charles, your story is gut wrenching and you are so right as it is abuse and neglect. So many of our young people today are experiancing the same thing. I dont know anything about you or your family situation but before I would put my children up for adoption, maybe you could ask a friend or if you go to church ask a family there if they would take on the responsibility of your children. You never know until you ask! Get it in writing then you can rest easy knowing your children wont be with strangers. Dont they have medications now that can help? Anyway I will be praying for you and if your a christian give this all to God and trust that he will come thru for you and your children. Thanks for sharing your story, maybe someone who reads it will be helped in time! God Bless!</p>
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