by brother_Charles
01.05.11 - 02:07 am
violation of law. <br /><br />I could go on, by why bother? If you are willing to endorse overriding ANY PART of the constitution or the bill of rights, you have in fact violated every protection our founding fathers and others provided us with. Are you not as bad or worse, than anyone you point to as being a terrorist? At least they are sworn enemies of America, while people like you pretend to care for the people you were elected or appointed to serve!<br /><br />Until those who were elected to represent the people act to restore our liberty and freedoms in America, we will continue toward destruction at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us. <br /><br />We all have genuine concerns regarding terrorists, but when our own government is using force and the color of law to rob us of our freedom, who is our worst enemy? Either step up to the plate and begin the restoration process, or at least admit you are a slave to a system that no longer represents the people of America.
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