by brother_Charles
12.01.10 - 01:06 pm
We are all aware of the recent tragic accident, when 2 children and their mother were killed in a traffic accident. Their names were published in the paper and other media, as well as well as the name of the driver in another vehicle who is alleged to have caused the wreck.<br /><br />Last Saturday there was a major wreck on Hwy 280 that casus serious injury to many people, an the media is basically silent regarding the accident. The wreck caused all 4 lanes of the highway to be blocked, and the injuries were serious enough to require 3 helicopters, and other emergency vehicles to transport the victims to various hospitals.<br /><br />You gotta wonder WHY this did not make the news in the Daily Home, and why no names were published concerning the identities of those involved...<br /><br />
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