Improving the English of Foreign Students' UK Essays
by fionaswords
<p>Thousands of foreign students enter Britain each year to study in various UK universities and other schools offering undergraduate or postgraduate degrees because of the high academic standards offered by higher education institutions in the UK. However, one of the recurring problems encountered by foreign students in the UK is the continuing need to improve their English oral and written communication skills. It is important for foreign students in UK universities to improve their writing skills in terms of grammar and spelling, especially in writing <a style="color:#555555;" title="UK Essays" rel="dofollow" href="">UK essays</a>, written reports and doing academic writings that are required in the courses of the students.</p> <p>Many university lecturers do not give any special considerations for foreign students when they do their UK essays and other academic writings to encourage the students to further improve their oral and written English and to encourage them to learn on their own on how they can improve and be better in speaking and writing in English. Hence, there several ways for foreign students in improving their oral and written English skills.</p> <p>The writing of academic UK essays in correct English grammar and spelling, and sentences and paragraphs that make grammatical sense is some of the factors considered by lecturers in evaluating the <a style="color:#555555;" title="Essays" rel="dofollow" href="">essays</a> submitted by their students, including foreign students and regardless of their year levels. Foreign students can improve their English skills by taking short-term English language courses that are specialised for foreigners.</p> <p>Another method is for the foreign students to interact regularly with fellow native English speaking students by talking with them and asking them for help in improving their writing skills. If a first year foreign student starts early in learning to improve his oral and written English communication skills and make the learning activity a regular habit, he would have significant improvements in his English by the time he reaches the last year of his studies.</p>
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