American Ethanol goes to Victory Lane
by LaVonte Young
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For the eighth time this season American Ethanol has gone to Victory Lane.

In 2010 NASCAR and American Ethanol agreed to deal to use E-15 in all three of NASCAR’s series.

“It is the first year and from the word go it has been good,” said Clint Bowyer who finished second in the Aaron’s 499 on Sunday. “The engine guys went to work as soon as we heard about it. We saw a horse power increase and as a race car driver that is exciting. It took little effort to make this work. This is something that took years and years of research to make happen. It opens the door for so many opportunities. It creates over 400,000 jobs.”

Bowyer grew up in Emporia, Kansas and he said being a spokesperson for American Ethanol was a perfect fit for him.

“Me being a Midwestern kid with my ties to farming and the farming industry it made a pretty good fit for me,” Bowyer said. “It is something that I am proud of.”

With the state of the economy and jobs being hard to find, Ethanol gas has provided jobs for American.

“E15 is a significant step forward in fostering our nation’s energy independence, “ Ceo of Growth Energy Tom Buis said. “We’ll also be creating jobs here in the U.S., instead of sending money overseas for oil. And ultimately every gallon of ethanol we produce here in the U.S., by reducing our need to send money and soldiers to the Persian Gulf, strengthens our economic and national security.”

NASCAR and American Ethanol agreed to a six –year agreement in 2010.

“NASCAR and American Ethanol are ideal partners,” NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France said in a press release. “NASCAR is a great American sport in its third generation of family ownership, and ethanol is produced from the harvest of family-owned farms across our country’s heartland. American Ethanol’s new partnership with NASCAR is much larger and more ambitious than a typical sports sponsorship. Here we have an entire industry looking to NASCAR to communicate its message that America is capable of producing its own renewable, greener fuel. The entire NASCAR industry will benefit from American Ethanol’s multi-faceted support of NASCAR, as well as from thousands of farmers and members of the ethanol supply chain now serving as new ambassadors for the sport.”

Buis believes their NASCAR and ethanol fuel is a perfect marriage. He said if E15 can handle a 500 mile race it can handle the everyday driving if Americans.

“What we’re seeing is that NASCAR puts Sunoco Green E15 into Victory Lane every weekend – proving beyond a doubt to any of the doubters out there that E15 is a perfectly good fuel, Buis said. “Not only has it been tested and analyzed by the federal government more than any other fuel mix, we’re seeing it proven on the race track every weekend. If Sunoco Green E15 is good enough for Clint Bowyer, than E15 is good enough for any American motorist. What we do is process the starch and turn the starch into alcohol,” Darrin Ihnen, a farmer from Hurley, S.D., and the chairman of the National Corn Growers Association said. “ The rest of the corn kernel gets converted into live stock feed. What we are doing they have been doing for 100 years,” Ihnen said. “In the steels moonshine was converting moonshine into alcohol. That is what we do except for it gets used into automobiles as a fuel instead of us drinking it.”