Letter to the Editor: Public should have access to creek
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How many people in and around Talladega County would like to fish and picnic in and around Sycamore watershed?
Letter to the Editor: A reflection on an icon
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Mr. Willie Farrior led by precept and example.
Letter to the Editor: Who gets a free pass?
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I see where our Talladega City Council has voted twice in the last two months to suspend the open alcohol container law on the square.
Letter to the Editor: What’s going on in the world?
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What do I think of what is now going on in the world we all are now living in?
Letter to the Editor: Their right as Americans
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On March the 26th, an unsigned editorial was published by this paper in predictable support of the unconstitutional dictates of the Obama Administration
Letter to the Editor: Sylacauga, southern hopitality at its finest
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I am writing to express my appreciation to your wonderful town of Sylacauga.
Letter to the Editor: History of how Syhiscan got its name
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I enjoyed seeing the picture of the beautiful girls in The Daily Home article about Sylacauga’s High School Annual.
Jackson: Ed won't soon be forgotten
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For those who knew him, Ed was a tall, imposing man, and to this newspaper industry neophyte he might as well have been 9 feet tall.
Making his mark in music
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With a goal of creating music for television and motion pictures, Joey Hodge left his Talladega home to pursue his dreams.
Steady growth improves outlook
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Slowly but surely, the good news keeps on coming.
Childersburg honors community service
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Chambers of Commerce do a lot of great things for their communities, and one of the best is recognizing the residents and business leaders in the community who make a difference.
What’s missing in government? Compromise
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For more than a century Democrats called the shots in Montgomery with the AEA as a close ally in elections and a power broker in getting bills, budgets and raises passed in the state legislature.
Congrats to Lady Aggies
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Congratulations are in order for the Sylacauga Lady Aggies basketball team for advancing all the way to the 5A championship game.
Teachers honored as STARS
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We were pleased to note the naming of 47 teachers in the Talladega County schools as Discover Educator STARS.
Open meetings act sails through Senate
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Commendations are in order for the Alabama State Senate, and especially State Sen. Cam Ward, President Pro-Tempore Sen. Del Marsh who provided the leadership to get a revision to the state’s Open Meetings Act through their chamber of the Legislature.
Kudos to Pell City schools
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Congratulations are certainly in order for the Pell City School System’s staff, students and parents.
College shares learning opportunities with the community
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For a small college in a small city, Talladega College has been successful in attracting some big-name individuals to come and interact with students and staff.
Getting MADD and doing something about it
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Since 1980 the number of deaths caused by drunk drivers has been cut in half, and that’s largely due to the actions of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
Jurors shouldn’t be deciding which roads to close
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People who depend on county roads to get where they’re going could end up taking the long way home if a bill in the legislature manages to get the governor’s signature.
Shelby stays on the move
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Sen. Richard Shelby’s visits to automotive industry plants in recent days are a positive sign of interest in Alabama’s fastest growing economic engine.
Getting the community involved
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We’re pleased to see the Talladega City Schools Board of Education seeking input from all of its stakeholders in charting a new course for the future.
Y’all come to Alabama
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You can’t make this stuff up.