Social Media Ads Becoming Too Much?
by moabtimesblogger
 Times Blog
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Many users of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google , are aware that advertisements are what funds our free websites. Companies pay to have the users see what their ad says, and in turn, that money is used to run that website. Some individuals, however, don't realize that these advertisements is what allows their entertainment to remain free.

Some of the advertisements are displayed throughout the main portion of the social media feed, some are displayed on the sidebar, and some are found while using extensions, applications, or games. There are plenty of ways to cater these ads to suit your specific tastes. One of the ways is to change settings within the website that allows certain types of companies to display ads on your specific computer. Another way is to search for things on Google. Many ads use the information that you search for to place you in a demographic to receive advertisements. On some websites, another option might be to try application whitelisting or blacklisting. Some applications or games only show a specific type of advertisement. If a user doesn't like the ads being displayed, the app or game can be blacklisted, or blocked. Conversely, a user can create a list of certain apps or games to be allowed, and all others will be blocked.

There are also companies that a user can pay a fee to block ads from your computer. A user pays a monthly fee, and most websites are displayed ad free. Some social media websites allow you to pay a premium user fee and that eliminates the advertisements you see. Using these methods and features allows you to limit seeing these advertisements, but also can help you gain control over which types of ads you see.