Politics and Tragedy by Queensamiam
A common sense view to foreign aid
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WHERE???? Does the money come from??
by Queensamiam
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"The Obama administration will announce a major new housing

initiative on Friday that will directly tackle the problem of

the millions of Americans who owe more on their houses than

they are worth. The government will buy loans from investors

at the current value of the house in an effort to stabilize

the market, people briefed on the plan said. The government

will also increase incentive payments to lenders that cut the

principal of borrowers
in modification programs. And it will

require lenders to cut the monthly payments of unemployed

borrowers for a minimum of three months."

It happens when we're not paying attention.    We can't even imagine the plans that materialize when we're looking the other way.   This is not a Democrat/Republic issue.   Undoubtedly every administration has flushed bills through the system before we realized it, then we wondered how it happened.   It happens because we let it.  We have many venues where we can voice our approval, mistrust, dismay, anger, praise, and opinions.    It's the internet, the press, Blogs, public meetings, letters and emails to our legislators, speaking to neighbors, educating our young voters.   

This spending spree of this administration is more frivious and wayward than any I've known in my 60 years.   Learn how much the deficit has increased and ask yourself where the money is coming from.   Then ask your legislators where the money is coming from.   If you don't approve, ask them to speak on your behalf.  WE are the one supporting these bills and bailouts.  

It's not the governments role to own banks, auto manufactures, and loans.   We need to ask questions, demand honest answers, and speak up!  

Politics and Tragedy
by Queensamiam
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As far as I know we still have first amendment rights.   Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh are not excluded.  

Mr. Robertson, being a devout Christian and a benevolent thinker spoke his honest observation, of which many agree.    Mr. Limbaugh spoke his opinion of the generosity of President Obama.    Many agree with him also.  Whether or not we agree, they have the right to speak those things.    Yes, they have positions of power as does a newspaper editor.

To date we've give 1.3 BILLION dollars to Haiti.   Haiti has no government.  It's been run by thieves, gangs, and a corrupt leadership for decades.   The money we have funneled into Haiti has gone to enrich those entities.   There has been no accountability as to where and to whom our money has gone.     We have a right to express our dismay at those facts and object to its continuance.

The Dominican Republic shares the same island with Haiti and has gone relatively unharmed; however, the DR posts guards and disallows Haitians into its country even in this time of tragedy.   No other country is hosting 100,000 Haitians - providing transport, housing, food, and health care using citizen's tax dollars - for an 18-month reprieve.   Does anyone honestly believe that 100,000 Haitians will be delivered back to the island in 18 months?  

Regardless, to call any citizen who objects "hateful" is unduly scolding and judgemental.   Even those of us with a very strong benevolent nature at some point want accountability and planning.   Throwing dollars into an abyss with no plan to stop or expect results is nothing short of a "show" and wasteful.